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AMR Softec is a prominent web development company in India and providing various digital services to a variety of businesses around the globe. We have assisted several startups and big corporate houses in establishing functional web applications for assorted business activities.

AMR Softec is one of India's leading web development businesses and a well-known name in web app development. Our web design & development company has been recognised by GoodFirms for providing the best digital services to clients all around the world. It also saves you time and money on web development.

Custom Web Development Services that bring results.

You need a website that compliments your business activities. AMR Softec is a team of expert web developers delivering a wide range of custom web solutions to various companies around the world. Our custom web development services can serve small as well as large business entities related to different business industries.

With great efforts and dedication, we offer web development advancement benefits that precisely live up to your desires and fulfill the particular necessities of your organization. From statistical surveying and investigation to client examination and change rate improvement, we give a full scope of website development services intended to upgrade your site advertising activities. Including:

  • Fully responsive design.
  • Compatibility related to various browsers and devices.
  • Best User-Experience.
  • Flawless integration.
  • Best Php development.
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AMR Softec's Expertise

Let’s take your products to the global stage.

Website Development

Website design and development is all about understanding the clients’ requirements and providing them with the services that guide towards the overall growth of the business. We communicate with our clients to know about their services and the nature of the business.

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E-Commerce Development

Get Pre-built Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website in $250 ONLY.

E-Commerce development is the procedure to construct and look after an online business. E-Commerce involves several aspects; improving the teaming up with the shipping company, constructing a network, financial transactions, etc. We focus on customer communication and marketing of the products and services of our clients.

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Mobile App Development

The Mobile Application Development process involves the designing of a set of computer programs to accomplish a variety of tasks required by a company. Mobile Application Development system gives you the freedom of managing monthly expenses and scheduling business and sales reports effectively.

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CMS Development

A Content Management System Development is the software utilized to manage digital content. CMS Development allows you to manage and edit the website even if you are doing it for the first time. CMS involves; display images and text, handling search queries, getting feedback, etc.

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We Offer The Best Web Development Services

AMR Softec is an eminent name when it comes to providing the best web development services. We provide a professional look to your business website that works effortlessly on any device.

Web Application and Development Services

No two projects are the same, but our process has served us and our clients well across hundreds of website builds.

Web Applications

We deliver web application services that user-oriented and give faultless plans and consistent client experience. Expert web developers at AMR Softec construct applications with a motive of future growth to benefit your company. Customer satisfaction is our major aim while delivering a variety of services from e-commerce to mobile app designs.

Web Portals

With the help of web experts, we can build custom, multi-faceted B2B and B2C digital solutions aiming at diverse market sections. As an eminent web development company, AMR Softec prioritizes high standards of confidentiality, reliability, and security while delivering web development services.

Mobile Apps

We deliver a package of high-performing mobile apps by utilizing the latest digital tools, technologies, and methodology. Our web development team delivers productive and innovative mobile applications including various functions such as; e-commerce, booking, maintenance, ticketing, etc. Our web applications are capable of functioning on different devices and browsers across the globe.

Search-Engine-Friendly and Responsive Websites

Our websites are designed by keeping in mind the Search Engine Optimization requirements. AMR Softec’s team provides you with the best websites that keep your visitors engaged and improve your SEO rankings.

AMR Softec is

Ready for your success

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

Our digital strategist collects all the required information about your project to deliver you the desired outcome. The amount of time spent on designing and customizing the project will determine the cost of the whole project. Our business-oriented services help us to keep the cost reasonable. However, the cost of a custom-designed website will be charged accordingly. We will be pleased to provide a website that compliments your budget as well.

How does the website redesign process work?

Every project is started with a quick meeting with the whole team. Here you get to know about the Account Manager, Designer(s), and Content Director. During the meeting, you tell the team about your work goals and expectations from the project. The meeting is conducted to have a detailed discussion about the project. The initial work involves the designing of the website and then we move to the content part. The content director will give you information about the content sources that complement your website design. Once we are done with designing and content of the website, we direct you to the SEO head. The SEO team provides you the SEO audit with authentic results. After completion of 80% of the overall work, the website development task kick starts. We will demonstrate to your team to update the new website before setting up a launch window for the site. Eventually, you can discuss a digital marketing strategy to optimize your website.

Will the website be set-up for SEO?

Yes, We build websites by using best practices to optimize the websites for Search Engines. All the website projects are provided with SEO audits if demanded by the clients. Our SEO audit involves SEO and PPC strategy and potential keywords. We look after all the aspects including organic traffic and content quality to improve your website’s visualization.

What’s the best platform for an eCommerce website?

First of all, your Digital Strategist will discuss all the aspects of your website including the number of products, the type of services, custom functionality, etc. The platform of an eCommerce website depends upon the customer’s requirements. Some of the eCommerce website platforms we rely upon are WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify. These are Saas platforms and are functional, accessible, and enormously powerful. With attractive designs and a strong eCommerce system, the editing and update features are also easy under these platforms.

How to promote the website?

Once a website is launched, there are several ways to promote it. Some of the platforms we use for website promotion are listed below;

  • Social media platforms using posts and content. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Advertising through Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
  • Networking Launch Party.
  • Promotional codes for eCommerce websites.

How much time will it take to complete the website?

The time taken to complete a website depends upon the requirements of the client and the type of website. Research, design, development, launch, and modifications require time to create a fully functional website. However, our team works effectively on each project and delivers them within the promised time.

Why is it so important to have a good website?

A contemporary, professional, and functional website is essential if you want to gain your customers’ confidence in your company. Confidence and creditability help you to stand a step higher than your competitors. A good website is very essential if you are looking forward to digital advertising to promote your services and products.

What is responsive design?

A website design that is functional or responsive to any device such as laptop, desktop, android phone, or iPhone is known as responsive design. A responsive website is very essential to access it from anywhere anytime.

How to get your website to show up on Google?

Several tools, dedicated time, and lots of effort are required to take your website to the top ranking of search engine research. Regularly update your website with fresh and unique content to keep your visitors engaged. Have a regular check on the analytics, generation of inbound links, and keywords to keep the website functional. Regular activities and updates are required to keep your website on the top. You can use digital promotions, quality blogs, and regular posts on social media platforms to enjoy a desired search engine ranking.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Our client companies vary from small start-ups to well-established huge corporate houses. We also serve nonprofit organizations, B2B, B2C, and many other types of services providers. We deal with a variety of industries including finance, eCommerce, art & craft, food, technology, health, beauty, fair, trade & commerce, camps, nature, apparel, and many others.

We have assisted many companies to enhance their customer services, promoting products, and attracting genuine traffic on the webpages. Our web experts take time to know about your organization, business, market, and competitors and ensure that you attain all of your objectives and goals.

Website Design Services

We design best-looking websites that not only work well but also provide inviting appeal to visitors. Our web designs are user-oriented and SEO-friendly. These websites will keep your visitors engaged on the web page that eventually improves your SEO rankings.

Custom Web Application

AMR Softec provides custom web application services that assist you to expand your business. Custom web application is a process to design applications that complement your business requirements, are user-friendly, keep the visitors engaged on the web-page, and drive organic traffic. Custom web applications are mobile-responsive.

SEO Optimization

We offer much more than just website development services. We design SEO-friendly websites that help you to improve your rankings on Google SERPs. AMR Softec is an SEO agency dedicated to providing you with the best-looking top-quality websites that function well and improve your digital visibility effortlessly on digital platforms.

Clear Calls to Action

We always focus on keeping the conversion rate high on our client websites. To improve the user experience we display appropriate information related to the products and services you offer to your customers. We make sure that the displayed information is authentic and it converts visitors on your website into customers.

Advanced Functionalities

Our web experts will look after that you are getting advanced functionalities to your website. We offer complete design development services that include password-protected content, event registrations, e-commerce, customer feedback, and comments, etc. Latest digital tools are used to keep your website up-to-date.

Content writing services

AMR Softec is a web designing company with content experts. We provide high-quality content based on research and productive keywords. We focus on creating brief, clear, authentic, and SEO-friendly content. Our content experts go through various websites and research work before compiling the final content for your website.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the key aspect to enjoy fruitful results from your website. Our digital marketing experts are experienced and knowledgeable and everything about this market. With the assistance of our advanced digital marketing tools including social media marketing, you can promote your products and services at the global level.

Our Development Process

No two projects are the same, but our process has served us and our clients well across hundreds of website builds.

  • TechnicalDiscovery_0_0

    Technical Discovery

    Assessing the situation, goals, and requirements

    We begin by assessing your current environment and technology stack, speaking to your key stakeholders and tech leads. Our goal is to understand your business needs, and learn how these inform your technology requirements. If we’re also designing your website, technical discovery is part of an integrated discovery and strategy process.

  • Planning


    Creating a tech strategy that works

    An optimal technology architecture requires a skillful balancing of factors – current and future needs, workflows, integrations, regulatory requirements, in-house technical resources and, of course, budget – to arrive at the right solution.

    Our experienced technology team acts as your strategic partners – helping you rebuild your tech stack or finding a solution that plays nicely with the tools you have.

  • Design

    IA, Design + Copywriting

    Delivering a complete website solution

    We’re an end-to-end website development agency, so we are more than capable of handling your digital strategy, information architecture, website design, and content creation.

    We begin planning early for the features we know the site will need, so that we can scope development appropriately. And we architect and design the website with an understanding of the unique capabilities of the platform the site will be built on.

  • Coding_0

    Front- and Back-End Coding

    We find the majority of our clients prefer a hybrid development approach, where we build the MVP using a Waterfall methodology, and then add new features and improvements in Agile sprints, but we can and do work in other ways.

    Our development teams are fluent in the whole range of modern web development languages, including PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. With our range of partnerships, we have expertise – including many certifications – for a wide variety of CMS options.

    Every build is assigned a dedicated technical Project Manager, who will support your equally dedicated Account Director in efficiently managing work quality, time, and budget.

  • QA


    Testing against over 100 checkpoints

    We’re fanatical about QA, with dedicated teams ruthlessly evaluating the site against over 100 checkpoints before it even gets close to going live.

    We like to get our clients involved – while the site is in beta, it lives on a development server, where you and your team can play with it, try to break it, and help us eradicate any bugs.

  • Training

    CMS Training + Launch

    Preparing your team for handover

    When we deliver your new site, we don’t just throw you the keys and run. We walk you through the CMS, show you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure everyone touching the website is comfortable with managing it. Launch day is time to celebrate – and to start planning enhancements that deliver even more value to your users and business.

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