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A remarkable digital presence and good timing are the primary elements of an online business. We recognize what is beneficial for your business and assist you in attaining customer-oriented objectives.

Our Laravel web developers have the necessary expertise to utilize the Laravel framework to its fullest potential and create a useful digital platform for your company. With the aid of the Laravel framework, developers at AMR Softec will hasten the growth of your company. Our team works hard to deliver results that are affordable and practical.

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We are a well-known web development company that has worked with hundreds of happy customers. We have turned their sites into professional-looking platforms that convey a professional image on desktop as well as mobile devices.

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WordPress based eCommerce webiste

Custom Laravel Web Development Services

Present your Goods to the Global Market.

Laravel Enterprise App Development

Our Laravel Enterprise App Development solutions are tailored for major corporations and MNCs and may help your organization get a competitive edge by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology.

Laravel Application Development

Our incredibly skilled team of Laravel developers is capable of producing unique designs. They also aim to include features that offer a top-notch user experience as built-in features. Our specialized Laravel application development services can help you achieve the ideal platform for your company.

Laravel Module and Package Development

You have a wide range of options for source code authorization and adding cutting-edge functionality to current systems when you design custom Laravel modules and packages. This not only contributes to a better digital transformation experience but also increases business opportunities. The Laravel framework may provide you with countless chances to advance.

Laravel Support and Maintenance

Your chosen flexible maintenance packages are handled by our highly responsive support and maintenance team in response to your short- and long-term demands. Whether you need to apply the most recent security patches or fix sluggish or failing Laravel web apps, we can assist.

Web Development
using Laravel Applications

Sorted Databases

To efficiently extend your commercial operations, leave your data concerns in our capable hands.

Improved Automation

Productivity and management procedures are improved through automation.

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To improve the experience, keep our clients informed of all the most recent developments.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

Our digital strategist collects all the required information about your project to deliver you the desired outcome. The amount of time spent on designing and customizing the project will determine the cost of the whole project. Our business-oriented services help us to keep the cost reasonable. However, the cost of a custom-designed website will be charged accordingly. We will be pleased to provide a website that compliments your budget as well.

How does the website redesign process work?

Every project is started with a quick meeting with the whole team. Here you get to know about the Account Manager, Designer(s), and Content Director. During the meeting, you tell the team about your work goals and expectations from the project. The meeting is conducted to have a detailed discussion about the project. The initial work involves the designing of the website and then we move to the content part. The content director will give you information about the content sources that complement your website design. Once we are done with designing and content of the website, we direct you to the SEO head. The SEO team provides you the SEO audit with authentic results. After completion of 80% of the overall work, the website development task kick starts. We will demonstrate to your team to update the new website before setting up a launch window for the site. Eventually, you can discuss a digital marketing strategy to optimize your website.

Will the website be set-up for SEO?

Yes, We build websites by using best practices to optimize the websites for Search Engines. All the website projects are provided with SEO audits if demanded by the clients. Our SEO audit involves SEO and PPC strategy and potential keywords. We look after all the aspects including organic traffic and content quality to improve your website’s visualization.

What’s the best platform for an eCommerce website?

First of all, your Digital Strategist will discuss all the aspects of your website including the number of products, the type of services, custom functionality, etc. The platform of an eCommerce website depends upon the customer’s requirements. Some of the eCommerce website platforms we rely upon are Woocommerce and Shopify. These are Saas platforms and are functional, accessible, and enormously powerful. With attractive designs and a strong eCommerce system, the editing and update features are also easy under these platforms.

How to promote the website?

Once a website is launched, there are several ways to promote it. Some of the platforms we use for website promotion are listed below;

  • Social media platforms using posts and content. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Advertising through Pay-Per-Click (PPC).
  • Networking Launch Party.
  • Promotional codes for eCommerce websites.

How much time will it take to complete the website?

The time taken to complete a website depends upon the requirements of the client and the type of website. Research, design, development, launch, and modifications require time to create a fully functional website. However, our team works effectively on each project and delivers them within the promised time.

Why is it so important to have a good website?

A contemporary, professional, and functional website is essential if you want to gain your customers’ confidence in your company. Confidence and creditability help you to stand a step higher than your competitors. A good website is very essential if you are looking forward to digital advertising to promote your services and products.

What is responsive design?

A website design that is functional or responsive to any device such as laptop, desktop, android phone, or iPhone is known as responsive design. A responsive website is very essential to access it from anywhere anytime.

How to get your website to show up on Google?

Several tools, dedicated time, and lots of effort are required to take your website to the top ranking of search engine research. Regularly update your website with fresh and unique content to keep your visitors engaged. Have a regular check on the analytics, generation of inbound links, and keywords to keep the website functional. Regular activities and updates are required to keep your website on the top. You can use digital promotions, quality blogs, and regular posts on social media platforms to enjoy a desired search engine ranking.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Our client companies vary from small start-ups to well-established huge corporate houses. We also serve nonprofit organizations, B2B, B2C, and many other types of services providers. We deal with a variety of industries including finance, eCommerce, art & craft, food, technology, health, beauty, fair, trade & commerce, camps, nature, apparel, and many others.

We have assisted many companies to enhance their customer services, promoting products, and attracting genuine traffic on the webpages. Our web experts take time to know about your organization, business, market, and competitors and ensure that you attain all of your objectives and goals.

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